I could begin by telling you I am a nutritional therapist, PSYCH-K® facilitator, coach and teacher with a BEd and a MA etc. etc……. but I really want you to know the real me and why you will benefit from working with me.

My name is Emma Louise Wright and I am on a journey. My journey has taken many twists and turns, with lots of stops along the way. I have arrived at crossroads in my career more than once. I have worked in stressful environments. I have battled with my weight. I have faced the loss of loved ones. I have packed up and moved half way around the world several times. Why am I telling you this? Because, like you, I have faced, and still face, many challenges and yet I choose to do what I enjoy and live a healthy life of balance and so can you.

In my younger days I worked in many different fields before settling into teaching. After 18 years in education, the pressure of the job began to outweigh my enthusiasm and I realised I would no longer be a good teacher, if I carried on, so I decided to leave.  My husband and I now run our own small business.  The decision to commit to a venture in which neither of us had any experience was a big risk but turned out to be a success and convinced me that making a major life change is very doable for anyone with the right attitude.  

I have spent most of my life battling my weight and from being taken to ‘Weight Watchers’ at about aged 14 to being told ‘you’ll waste your whole young life being overweight.’ As you can imagine I haven’t had a great relationship with food. I have followed every DIET in the book: Weight Watchers, Cabbage Soup, Atkins, Blood Group, Sommersizing, Low-Fat, SlimFast and even had a period of taking Fen-Phen. They all worked for a while; I would lose weight, but never enough and always put more back on and worse than that I spent my whole life thinking about food. If I wasn’t hungry I was thinking about what I had eaten, what I would eat next, etc. By the end of 2017 I was 17kg overweight and unhappy with myself, as I had been for most of my life – unhappy with my obsession. I changed my diet and began to lose weight and feel happier with myself. There is no magic bullet – the changes took work and time. Now five years on I have managed to keep my weight and blood glucose much more stable and no longer have cravings and finally have achieved a more balanced approach to food. All part of the journey.

I enjoy what I do, but with the future in mind and my desire to help people getting stronger as I get older, I decided to explore other avenues! The first avenue to explore was coaching. I love that coaching enables people to help themselves. I decided to continue studying and add a Practioner Diploma in Nutritional Healing from the Nutritional Healing Foundation to my Personal Performance Coaching Diploma. This has enabled me to help people take control of their health and wellness through coaching and nutrition. So much of what we find wrong with us (dis-ease) has taken years to build up and can be addressed by good nutrition, hydration and cleansing on an internal level. The nutrition course lead me to the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and onto PSYCH-K®. PSYCH-K® blew my mind with its ability to change those subconscious beliefs that hold people back. I believe in connection and gratitude. Connection comes in many forms. We are not beings of exclusively individual parts as modern medicine would have us believe. We are a collection of trillions of cells that want to work in harmony if only we’d let them. Our cells are connected to each other and we are connected to all living things. My gratitude goes to Mother Earth, all her plants and creatures and the nourishment and community she provides.

My career in education, locally and internationally, has equipped me with well-honed communications skills, especially listening, and the immersion in widely varying cultures has given me much greater empathy with other people’s thinking.  I have no regrets in my life but having the nutritional knowledge, PSYCH-K® and coaching in my tool bag would have made the future less scary and I would have arrived at my way stations more quickly without questioning my decisions and myself. The nutrition training now means I can continue on my own health journey equipped with the knowledge to make the best of my life and help others improve theirs.

As your nutritional therapist and coach I can guide and support you towards making a positive difference in your life, whatever that difference is for you. There is no judgement just the belief that your life and health can be whatever you want them to be.

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